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Things that you must never do

2 Mins read

Scripture: Ecclesiastes.7:8

8 The end of a thing is better than its beginning;
The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.

  1. Never promise when you are too excited
    An excitement can make you to promise what you may not fulfill
  2. Never retire or divorce when angry
    Never make such serious decisions out of anger. Never make conclusions when you are angry, you will regret later but out of pride fail to get back
    You need to become calm at first or move away before making any decisions
  3. Never judge or conclude over any issue without getting facts from both sides
    Learn to give the other part their time to give their side of story
    If not careful, you can lose a very important person in your life over a false incident
  4. Never fight a rich man
    Money answers all things. It is better to relate to rich people than fight them when you are offended.
  5. Never try to relate without knowing their position
    It is rude to call a medical doctor, a nurse
    It is rude to call an army General, a Corporal
  6. Never park your car in the midst of the highway and put on the hazards lights
    Of course the hazards lights are a sign of apology to other motorist but it is wise to pull your car off the road and then put on your hazard lights
  7. Switch off your phone when you are with the rich
    How much do you think you can lose by not answering your call in the presence of the rich person than if you ignore your calls by switching off your phone. You already have not even a million dollars but you still value your empty calls rather than paying attention to the rich person with you.
    Your mobile phone can be a biggest distraction to greater things which were meant to come your way.
  8. Never stand and walk away when a powerful person is speaking
    What you plant is what you harvest
    When you have been invited, plan your time well so that you won’t leave in the midst of the event or function; it’s a sign of disliking your host
  9. Never lie, for you shall spend the rest of your life covering your tracks
    It is very easy to forget a lie and thus you eventually get overwhelmed by the lies thereby failing to recall what you said last time
  10. Never operate someone’s car
    Once you get into someone’s car never try to operate any of the gadgets or features inside the car without the owner’s permission.
    Never eat in someone’s car unless the owner offers you food
  11. Pay total attention when talking to someone above you. If it needs writing down notes, do so. It adds value to the person talking to you and make them feel very important and thus, be ready to invite you next time.

Also read the whole Chapter of Ecclesiastes.7

We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

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