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Pain of Life

1 Mins read

Chapter 1

To The Readers:

Being under Prophet T.B. Joshua was entirely my choice. A life changing moment. I agreed to the terms of being under. Whatever he would say, I would follow without questioning or doubting. Having seen how he had achieved despite pain and attacks, I knew my journey would follow the same line.

I invested in mentorship. It took time, patience and the art of listening and understanding. May God grant you the wisdom that can enable you to be mentored unto greatness. What boggles my mind is there are children who are under me that I wish would follow without doubt or questioning the authority. What pains me is that out of the thousands perhaps 0,5% are truly following instructions yet success is very far from a lot of them.

My wish and my prayer on this Saturday as I write this story is for people to learn to submit without a wavered mind for success comes through submission and humbling oneself. I wrote a book, Engulfed, hoping that people may read and change. None changed or submitted to the fullest.

Their decision in their minds is still above the aspect of submission. The art of being under was fully displayed by Elisha hence he managed to achieve twice as much as Elijah.May God bless you this weekend as you learn the art of submission and being mentored.

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