Scripture: Exodus.2:18-20
18 When the girls returned to Reuel their father, he asked them, “Why have you returned so early today?”
19 They answered, “An Egyptian rescued us from the shepherds. He even drew water for us and watered the flock.”
20 “And where is he?” Reuel asked his daughters. “Why did you leave him? Invite him to have something to eat.”
What I am going to teach is very, very important. So, I want you to follow it carefully. If you fail to get it, you won’t go anywhere and it means you have failed to get a life. As I have always said several times, life and its success have got a formula. There is no way that, if you cheat the formula, you will be successful. You have to follow the principles and the ways. It has to happen in a manner that will guarantee success.

One of the pin-codes that lead to proper success is through mentorship. It is when we see somebody, it is when we are encouraged by someone, that we get inspired then we follow their ways, hence leading to success. It is through mentoring that gives us energy, driving us from behind, which then translates to proper success. Therefore, one needs someone to be checking on them in order to guarantee success. No matter how good you are, you need someone above you or better than you, who will guide and check on you so that you become successful. That is mentorship.

In other words, I am saying, you need a mentor, as one of the ways that guarantee success. what do I mean by success? If you are a Pastor, Bishop, Evangelist or any man or woman of God leading a church, your reliable shift from glory to another level of glory is through mentorship. The same applies to a business person or someone in a leadership position, your success in such areas can be brought by mentorship.

What do you need in order to expand in your Ministry, leadership, or business so that the world can vividly see? Personally, I was a nobody until I got mentored. Therefore, as a come to you with this free offer, after mentoring you, there is a shift in your status from a nobody (as I was) to a somebody and if you are already a somebody, your level increases to the point that you are recognized in this world. Thus, today’s teaching is mainly outlining how the path of the mentorship class; answering the how, what, where and when questions of the upcoming program.
Take note of the numbers that we have pinned on our Facebook and Yadah-Tv, then you use those numbers (they are mentorship registration), you will then receive a registration which you will fill in, take a picture then send it back. Somebody said, “Man of God, why can’t you be professional enough to send an online form?” However, I told him that, I like the effort involved in doing the process because it has the significance of seriousness.

This mentorship class is one of a kind; I have never done it before. Of course, I have mentored people before but it was privately done and on a personal note. Nevertheless, this one is on a very high and serious level. I was waiting for God to tell me when the time is ripe, and now is the time; am now ready to assist you fully in order to grow.

We are going to be doing it in the following manner; you shall be given a link either a Zoom link or Facebook link or even a private YouTube link that will be available for that particular day. You are not going to pay anything; it’s for free. However, we will place you in categories relevant to your area of interest. This is because, when it’s the Pastoral Class, it’s mainly focused on religious and spiritual knowledge. Meaning, the Business Class will major in business-related stuff and the same with Leadership Class focussing on leadership.

Mentorship is a relationship – there is a relationship between the mentor and the mentee. The mentor and the mentee must know and understand each other quite well in order for the mentorship process to flow and yield success. There is going to be personal interactions on the platforms – be it Facebook, Zoom or private YouTube. Suppose you are Pastors on a particular link and you are say, 200 of you on Zoom, I will be personally interacting with you (Pastors) only, on my big screen. You must know me as I get to know you. We must develop a rapport between us as we get to know each other. I must know what you do, so that if you are making mistakes, I will guide you accordingly. We will be asking each other questions as we get to know each other. It’s going to be time-consuming but a very important process.

What is mentorship?
Many could be asking that question. According to the Holy Bible, Exodus.2:19, we meet the Midian Priest Reuel asking his seven girls how they had managed to fetch water from the well quicker than expected. The girls replied by narrating how “an Egyptian” had rescued them. Moses looked like an Egyptian yet he was a Hebrew – only that his looks and ways were akin to the Egyptians because he was born and bred in Egypt. Despite Moses not knowing the girls and neither being related, he was prepared to fight for the rights of the girls; already a good sign of leadership. When the Priest called Moses, he later mentored Moses and send him back to go and advocate for the rights of the Israelites. Moses later mentored Joshua, whilst Joshua mentored Jethro and the relay stick is passed on and on. Later on, we also see Jesus Christ mentoring his twelve disciples and many others. All these and many more shall be covered in detail in our mentorship class and their relevance to your success. from the above references, you can clearly see that mentorship has always been there since time immemorial. One point to note is that when Jesus mentored his disciples, one thing different from other mentors was the need and emphasis on commitment. MENTORSHIP NEEDS COMMITMENT. If you are not yet ready to commit yourself to the mentor, then don’t go for mentorship. Commitment in mentorship is the recipe for success. I have seen them failing to commit themselves to the program of mentorship; either they are not free in their personal schedule or they are not seeing the importance of it. Consequently, the mentor will not have enough time to give you information that can change your life.

Secondly, when you looking for a mentor, look for one whom you understand his culture or you have witnessed their success, thereby you are inspired to follow either their culture or their success. the reason being that, MENROSHIP IS THE CHANGE OF CULTURE AND WAYS. If you are not ready to change your ways and culture, forget about successful mentorship. It all begins with the desire and preparedness to change your culture and ways, adapting those of your mentor. You need to understand how he does his things and successes then develop that hunger and burning desire to be like him. Remember, you are also ready to commit your time. Hence, the process of mentorship starts flowing as you are being taught new things and adapting them wholeheartedly – thus changing your culture.

Therefore, if you aren’t ready to change your culture and ways, forget about success. in my case, when I met my Father, Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, I had my culture and my ways. I had my plans for the church but the one he approved was the sixth one. The first I presented my church plan on my first visit, he looked at it and tore it into pieces then he said that, I was not yet serious, that was not a vision, before he threw the pieces into the trash bin. My heart jumped with shock and pain but I remained calm as if all was fine with me. To make matters worse, I had paid for both the plan and the trip. I realized that being my Father and mentor, he had bigger visions than mine and has the eye that could see further to what I could see myself. He told me to go back to Zimbabwe and think again.
I went back a couple of times, sitting down with my architects, hoping for approval but to no avail until the sixth trip, that’s when he said, “Wow, I am going with this one.” A look and comparison between the first plan and the final approved one were so massive and that’s when I understood how big he was in his mentality. However, it took me a lot of sacrifice and time.

Additionally, when you want to be mentored successfully, you must be ready for a “NO”, even you think everything is in order. There is a problem with many mentees, they want to get a “YES” even if it’s not worth it. When you are ready to be mentored, you must be ready to be told to stop, increase speed, your thoughts opposed and despised. If you aren’t ready for such, then you are not going anywhere. The extra benefit for those coming to my classes is that you will be mentored by a Prophet and that’s an added advantage for you. There is a spiritual eye and assistance with divine guidance.

You are going to be mentored by a person with a position in society and a person who has seen it before. In the eight years, we have been in Ministry, we have seen a lot. We have been fought before. Lots of false allegations and enumerable fake stories doing the rounds on social media and everywhere else. I have been labeled fake and testimonies have been described as ‘cooked’ but we did not despair, we soldiered on. One may wonder how we grew in the eight years. We were 45 in 2012 and became 5000 within 2 months. How did we do it? What is the secret? We never stopped there and the numbers kept on spiraling to six digits and more. Right now, over 15 countries from different parts of the world are following this program right now, how did we do it? It all worked out because I was ready to church my culture and ways in order to be what I am today. I followed a man who had attracted the world and I also did the same.

How are we going to conduct the classes?
In our coming mentorship classes, which will be conducted online, I will be interacting with you, sharing experiences, laughter, and consequently hearing your successes. We are going to start with 2 classes per week in the evening (Zimbabwean time) but the teams according to different time zones. The finer details will be on the schedule that we shall send out to you.

Additionally, we will be very discreet in the way we share our handles and links. This is because, true mentorship involves sharing sensitive secrets, which are not for public consumption, thus, not for live TV. I remember when I used to visit my Father, Senior Prophet T.B Joshua, each time when he had secrets to share with me, he would take me outside and we would go and sail on the boat, far from the banks where no one would witness our meeting. That’s mentorship – with proper privacy. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, about any subject, be it spiritual, scriptural, business, leadership, scientific, and many more. I will also be asking you questions as we interact with each other.

You must not be full when you come for mentorship. Be ready to empty yourself. I mean you don’t need to come with your qualifications, success, and Degrees as I mentor you. You must be ready to set aside all your knowledge and experiences then be prepared to start gaining new knowledge. You will need to remind yourself that you know nothing, that’s the mindset. You want help, you want advice and thus you listen more and talk less. That way, you succeeded in the mentorship class. Even when I used to visit my Father, there was a time when we had gathered over half a million congregants at the Night of Turn-around, I kept going to him and reminding myself that I knew nothing. That’s how I managed to gain success and meet targets. Remember, mentorship is all about meeting targets. My father would call me and ask how many we were the previous Sunday, if say the number was 20 000, he would say, work towards 50 000 in the next 2 weeks. The how part was left to me, and that’s mentorship for success.

A mentor is some one who gives you energy by setting targets for you. Success requires someone who monitors your actions or culture; someone you are ready to submit to. Submission is a critical skill for mentorship success. You don’t take or believe any negatives about your mentor. You choose to decide not to follow any bad stories about your mentor and that stretches to your family. In my case, it meant myself, wife and children – all agreeing to submit to my mentor. Thus, culture change, time creation and submission add to success in mentorship. Culture means the way you dress, walk, talk, associate and your successes. All these can be monitored by your mentor and you must be ready to follow what your mentor recommends, regardless of how long you have been doing it – that’s culture change.

The mentorship classes will be;
Leadership class will be universal for both Pastors and Business people.
In conclusion to my introduction, my question is – ARE YOU READY FOR MENTORSHIP?
We give all glory to God. Mbiri kunaJesu.

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