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What is an Altar and how does it work?

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Scripture: Mark.5:21-35

Jesus Heals in Response to Faith

An altar is a place which represents a “certain” spirit and in our case it is the spirit of the Lord and the anointing of God. The reason why I used the word “certain”, is that not all altars are good, some are there for evil purposes. If you read the book of Judges you will come across many different altars that were destroyed. The biggest altar that was ever constructed is the cross of the living God. Our altars are in agreement with the biggest altar. Always note that altars are different but in this case we are talking about an altar that will give you a path in your day to day life.

We have erected a new altar in which we expect mighty testimonies to manifest in the name of Jesus Christ. Let me take you to the book of Mark so you get a better understanding of altars. God can use literally anything to showcase His power.

Mark 5:21-35

The man had an ailing daughter and decided to bring the altar to his house and that altar was Jesus Christ Himself. Whilst on the way a woman with the issue of bleeding created her own altar which was the hem of Jesus’ garment and she was healed.

An altar is a point of connection and I was in prayer when God gave me the revelation of the walk through altar. The crooked legs will be made straight, sight will be restored, the power of God will be seen mightily. Everyone was touching Jesus Christ but she had a prayer in her heart. She had faith that she would be healed and indeed, she was healed. You need to to have faith as a point of connection to encounter power of God. You need to see yourself testifying in the name of Jesus Christ.

We give all glory to God.

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