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Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3 v 1 (NKJV)

Everything Has Its Time
3 To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven:

There is a reason to everything if organisations, countries or people do not appreciate that they will not go anywhere. Where rivers used to flow some have seized due to seasons

1.Those that fail, fail because they fail to move with time. Every situation has a season. If you are dry its only for a season, a new season is coming. The purpose of this service is to bring you a new season. Devil is a liar, your situation is not permanent. There is bright light at the end of the tunnel. Very soon you will be reading about your life. Our joy and strength come from the Lord. God created a world that evolves and changes.

  1. As you sit you are changing though you might not see it with your naked eye. Another point to note is that what was profitable last year may not be profitable this year because we are in a life of seasons. Because you do not want to open your eyes and see, you will cry and try to do things that bring nothing at the end of the day. Open your eyes and see where the world is going. If you shift your thinking by the slightest millimeter how you see things will change.

There are 3 people in this world

  1. The rich
  2. The poor
    3 . The wealthy

Poor people are after money, they wake up in the money wondering where to get money. Rich people are after things whilst the wealthy are after ideas. Money is disciplined it follows ideas.

  1. Have value
    There is no fruit tree that comes to your house. You are the one who goes after the fruit. It is the taste of the fruit which attracts numbers. You should have ideas and a thinking that solves tomorrow. Those types of ideas are what bring you value. True leadership is displayed by attraction, as you sit you must add value. You need to stop and ask yourself how much you are worth.

The world gives you according to how much you are worth, You can never be a millionaire unless you are a millionaire from within. There is a season for everything, things are shifting.

As a woman you should look for a man with ideas not necessarily money. Do not look at pizza because pizza will pass. You need to search and find value in him.

You can only have value if you feed yourself with ideas. If you want to beat this world always bring in new things. David went to war with a stone whilst Goliath had a sword and shield. When the world is expecting expecting you to hold a sword of a shield walk around holding a sling. As goliath was still calculating he was struck and he went down.

If you want the story of your life to change you need to come up with new ideas. You should not allow your children to read the same book you read. The literature you used was before all this technology hence books should be written according to the times. Have value understand the movement, see what is happening.

When you are absent you must leave a gap, people should notice your absence.

We are a product of our mind. What we are today is a result of our thoughts. Buying and selling is not an idea. The biggest way to come up with an idea is to come up with solutions. When you have value you can be felt in any environment. Ideas is solving problems. When you look at things look at them with an eye of solving problems. The most important thing is to start to think and that is what most people fail to do.

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